German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa

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Control of Breeding.
The German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa is a member of the World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs (WUSV) and generally follows the rules laid down by that body.

Indiscriminate breeding is not allowed within the Federation. Before being bred from, it is compulsory that all dogs must:-
• be identified by a permanent tattoo number
• be of a minimum age (20 months for bitches, 24 months for males)
• have passed the Federation's hip dysplasia scheme
• be DNA tested, and
• have been evaluated by a Federation-approved judge (dogs have to receive a minimum grading of "Good") before they may be bred from. Animals who are gun shy, over-aggressive, do not have stable temperaments or have serious anatomical faults, cannot be awarded a grading.

Breed shows are held regularly throughout the country. Although these events are held primarily to identify and qualify potential breeding animals, many people enjoy actively competing purely for fun.
The Club prides itself to have a number National foundation members/breeders amongst its members who provide a major contribution to the education of first time German Shepherd Dog owners.

Purchasing your first Puppy:
Our club can assist you in the purchase of your puppy should puppies not be readily available from our member breeders. Alternatively you can consult the German Shepherd Dog Federation website which lists more than 70 subscribing breeders and provide information on puppies available.

The following members are registered as breeders with the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa:

 Kennel name  Owner  Cell  E mail
 African Sun  Jürgen Manthey  079 695 3435
 Aquabear  Johan Slabbert  071 468 2977
 von Hitgeheim  Derik Norris  082 657 0313
 Simnikan  Simone Masters  072 212 0906

We have several Stud dogs for more information click here

1. Head 2.Upper  Jaw 3.Lower Jaw 4.Neck 5.Withers 6.Back
Kopf Oberkiefer Unterkiefer Näcken Widerrist Rücken
7.Loin 8.Croup 9.Thigh 10.Knee 11.Stiffle 12.Hock
Lenden Kruppe Oberschenkel Knie Unterschenkel Hintermittelfuß
13.Shoulderblade 14.Upper Arm 15.Elbow 16.Pastern 17.Front chest 18.Under Chest
Schulterblatt Oberarm Ellebogen Vordermittelfuß Vorderbrust Unterbrust
19.Height 20. Length        
Hohe Länge        







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