Protection Work (Breed Survey and IGP)

Protection training will prepare you for passing a Breed Survey as well as the protection part of an IGP.  The Breed Survey is an overall evaluation of a dog’s suitability for breeding and includes an evaluation of the dog’s desirable instinctive behaviour, self-confidence and ability to handle stress, as well as the dog’s anatomical structure. Your dog needs to pass a short protection work routine as a temperament test and then receive a breed description by a breed surveyor, this description will be entered onto the dog’s offspring’s pedigree.  Before you may enter a breed survey your dog needs to have passed the endurance trial (IAD), have their DNA profiled and male dogs are required to pass the Begleithund trial (BH-VT). Upon passing this trial dogs are awarded the title of Breed Surveyed (Angekoert) which is valid for 2 years.  After 2 years a breed survey for life has to be passed, which leads to the permanent awarding of the title Breed Surveyed. For more information regarding Breed please refer to your Breed Supervisor.


IGP formerly known as Schutzhund consists of three sections, namely tracking, protection and obedience work.  Dogs need to be a minimum of 18 months old to enter a trial.  Tracking is taught throughout the year whenever the need arises.  The protection work includes finding the helper in a hide, “hold and bark”, and transporting the helper in front of the dog to the judge.  The obedience is an extended version of the BH-VT which also includes a send-away and transporting a wooden dumbbell over a jump and an A-frame structure.  For more information please refer you your Training Supervisor.